Results of First PMO Survey

Thank you written in sand

My aim with this blog is twofold: to promote play outdoors and to create community. The first is fairly self-explanatory; time spent enjoying the outdoors with friends is its own reward and the the more you and I do, the better. The second is actually a key element in the first. We humans are social animals, and community drives, amplifies and gives meaning to what we do. So the stronger and more active a community we can build, the more successful we will be in getting out and playing.

With this in mind, last week I sent out a quick survey to the subscribed readership of PMO, asking you what you like about this blog and wanted more of, and what didn’t work and you could do without. I got a much higher response than I anticipated, and I would like to give a big and sincere THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to reply. I hope your input will make this a better and a more effective tool for you.

highlights of the survey results

  • You want more content on:

                Outdoor sports and environmental issues (62%)

                How to improve in outdoor sports (strength, endurance and other forms of training) (55%)

                Event trips and reports (48%)

  • You want less content on:

Information on industry trends (38%)

Interviews with outdoor sports professionals (23%)

  • You would prefer to receive content in the medium of:

Written (69%)

Video (24%)

  • Do you want to play outdoors more than you do?

Yes (79%)

(Special mention goes to the response “I can’t do much more!” from the person who is obviously living the dream!)

  • What prevents you from playing outdoors more?

No time (81%)

No access (34%)

No-one to do it with (23%)

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Keep it real. Real dirty.

Questions and comments

I very much appreciated the additional comments you gave. Of these, the following two were of particular interest:

It’d be great to have more citations of reputable sources (newspapers, scientific studies) to back up statements regarding improving performance, training, nutrition, etc. It’s sometimes unclear where information comes from.

How about a post on “urban outdoors” … or “outdoors with kids” (of various ages).

Bringing it all together

  • The biggest surprise for me was interest in more content concerning environmental issues in relation to outdoor sports. What a conscientious bunch you are! This is of course a critical issue and it will be my pleasure to address it while keeping the content positive, fun, and actionable.
  • I will also focus more on lessons we can take from applied sports science and psychology. This is a complicated field at best, and I will henceforth include citations regarding all statements. More facts, less conjecture and opinion presented as such!
  • Written blog posts are fine, but I might want to mix it up with some video in future.
  • We love to play outdoors and want to do so more, but lack of time is the biggest roadblock that prevents us.

Thanks again for your input. If you have any further comments or requests, please leave a comment below.

Onwards, upwards!

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